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Nortel bankruptcy trial starts to wrap up in Toronto and Delaware

TORONTO – Competing groups of creditors at the Nortel bankruptcy trial are focusing on the legal interpretation of a 10-year-old agreement to determine how to divide billions of dollars in proceeds from the sale of Nortel's patents and intellectual property.

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Nestlé wages war with Mead Johnson over nutritional drinks bottles design

In a complaint filed in a federal court in Delaware last week, Nestlé Healthcare Nutrition and Gerber Products Co (doing business as Nestlé Infant Nutrition) accused Mead Johnson of infringing design patent #D447,421, unfair competition and trade dress infringement.

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Schiff and Aker file motion to stay Neptune patent infringement lawsuit

The lawsuit, filed by Neptune at the US district court in Delaware last October, claimed Aker and Schiff (which sells MegaRed supplements containing Aker’s krill oil) infringed Neptune’s 8,030,348 patent, which covers marine phospholipids to which the omega-3s EPA and DHA are bound.

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Astellas, Vivendi, Washington Post: Intellectual Property

OSI sued Teva in federal court in Delaware in March 2009, accusing the Israeli generic-drug maker of infringing patents 6,900,221, 7,087,613 and 5,747,498. (52 mins ago)

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Law dean possible judicial nominee

S the state awaits official word from Washington about who will be nominated to fill a vacancy on the US District Court, some members of Delaware’s legal community are expressing concern that one nominee has no courtroom experience. (3 hours ago)

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