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Clarence Page: Tragedy sparks debate on free speech vs. private work

Internet prodigy's suicide, sparks debate on the freedom of content on the Internet.

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Matt Salmon On Government Shutdown: Gop Rep Says 'it's About Time' We Have Another One

As Congress readies for another debt ceiling debate , one Republican is convinced that a government shutdown is the solution. Rep. Matt Salmon appeared on CBS' "Face The Nation" on Sunday, voicing firm support for a suspension of government services.

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Instagram debate should lead nonprofits to review online content policies

Was it a great cosmic coincidence that the predicted end of the world and Facebook's announcement about gutting privacy rules on Instagram , the popular photo-sharing platform, occurred in the same week? Or were both just galactic examples of bad marketing plans?

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Dunkin' Debate: Best Coffee In America?

You may love your morning cup of Joe from Dunkin' Donuts, you may even think it's the best around; even the coffee chain claims to have the "Best Coffee in America," but the US Patent and Trademark Office disagrees.

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Apple vs Motorola – ITU aims for clarification after 'heated debate'

Apple, Motorola and others gathered in Geneva on Wednesday to thrash out some of their differences over standards-essential patents under the auspices of the ITU. The organisers claim some progress was made, but this was only the beginning of a longer process.

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DHS: Cybersecurity plays into online voting

With the November presidential election just months away, the debate over whether voting on the Internet can be safe from cyberattacks is heating up.

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Enough, Already: The Sopa Debate Ignores How Much Copyright Protection We Already Have

When it comes to copyright enforcement, American content companies are already armed to the teeth, yet they persist in using secretly negotiated trade agreements to further their agenda.

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