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Enabling Innovation: Vision, Culture & Talent

According to the most recent Conference Board CEO Challenge survey, innovation is a top C-level challenge. Of key importance for innovation is finding the right people, with the right skills, to make innovation happen.

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Researchers analyse effects of BPA in an in-vitro culture of ovaries

Researchers at Universitat Aut-noma de Barcelona, in collaboration with the Vall d’Hebron Hospital Fetal Tissue Bank, the Department of Gynaecology and the Research Unit of Paediatric Endocrinology, analysed the effects of Bisphenol A , a polymer widely used to manufacture plastics, in an in vitro culture of ovaries.

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Patent System Overhaul Passes Us Senate

NEW YORK The US Senate yesterday passed a bill that would fundamentally shift the country’s patent culture by converting to a first-to-file from a first-to-invent system, creating a post-grant review process, and essentially harmonizing the system with common international practices.

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A PR idea that’s a dull idea!

I am a changed man. I started my career working for a UK PR agency, a pretty aggressive and fantastically innovative one at that. From my very first day until the moment I left, I along with my colleagues learned to reject, nay loathe, any creative channel that wasn’t PR. It was instilled in the agency’s ethos and ingrained in the team’s culture to favour PR above all else. (14 hours ago)

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A culture of academic enterprise

To stay ahead, research varsities need to groom young talent to become scientists and technopreneurs. (35 mins ago)

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Hot-desking and cool lighting

A place to work and play: The fun room in the Philips India office. (This new column will feature different workplaces and capture their culture, the quirks and eccentricities that make different offices unique. (6 hours ago)

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