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Microsoft Backs Oracle's Crusade Against Google Android

Yes, Microsoft is backing Larry Ellison and Oracle in their ongoing crusade to prove that Google infringed on Oracle's copyrights in building the Android mobile operating system.

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Troll slayer: Two problem’s with Mark Cuban crusade to fix the US patent system

The inauguration of the Mark Cuban Chair to Eliminate Stupid Patents is a great opportunity to take another look at the U.S. patent system, and how it fares with startups and software companies. Cuban takes aim at so-called software patents. While well intentioned, this new initiative misses the mark for two reasons.

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Chandler mom disgusted by fast-food play areas starts crusade

A visit to a Tempe McDonald’s PlayPlace with her children so disgusted Chandler mom Erin Carr Jordan that she crawled inside colorful tunnels to film the grime, then posted her experience on YouTube. (1 min ago)

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