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Media Decoder Blog: Digital Notes: Grooveshark Wins a Battle, But Can It Win the War?

Grooveshark's parent company, Escape Media Group, won a glimmer of hope with a court decision that undercut one of the Universal Music Group's two copyright infringement cases against it, and also opened the door for it to countersue the label for what could be millions of dollars in damages.

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Supreme Court denies Mac clone maker Psystar's appeal

The four-year-old saga of Psystar, a Florida Mac clone maker that was crushed by Apple, ended Monday when the U.S. Supreme Court refused to hear its appeal of a lower court decision. Related Stories Apple shouldn't join the Dow, strategist Rumour of iPhone 5 will mean poor Q3 for Apple Scott Thompson out as Yahoo CEO Sell Apple, buy Facebook, report Wozniak reveals why Steve Jobs loved secrecy

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Ruling In Youtube Case Could Open New Legal Attacks: Attorney

A federal appeals court decision overturning a lower court's order that granted YouTube blanket protection under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act could lead to a "new way to attack" content-sharing services and force them to change their practices to comply with the law, according to intellectual property attorney Hillel Parness.

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