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Google's European conundrum: When does privacy mean censorship?

Though Google is a U.S. company, its American rights don't transpose across the pond. A court case will determine whether Google has to comply with EU law, which could have far-reaching consequences for European users. Originally posted at News – Security & Privacy

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How German Youtube Court Case Affects Americans

The recent YouTube court case in Germany may be good news for musicians and filmmakers in Germany, but what about American songwriters? Under the German court ruling, Google is now mandated to provide . . .

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Shanghai Court Accepts Michael Jordan Case

If you’ve been following this dispute between Michael Jordan and a Chinese company that not only currently uses the popular Chinese version of his name, but has also registered a long list of Jordan-related names and logos as trademarks in China, the case is moving forward.

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Top German court to rule on Google libel case

A German man has sued Google in Germany in a libel case over a blog post alleging that he used a business credit card to pay for ‘sex club bills’ in Mallorca. Google argued that the case should be heard in the US.

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Supreme Court to Hear Microsoft, I4i Case Monday

Patent attorneys and inventors of all types are closely watching a Microsoft case that the U.S. Supreme Court will start to consider on Monday. (25 mins ago)

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Seo Held Liable, Fined In Counterfeiting Case

A website builder and SEO firm has been held liable in federal court in a case in which it was accused of enabling the sale of counterfeit goods. (14 hours ago)

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Illumina Denies Its Arrays Infringe Syntrix’s IP, Asks Court to Dismiss Case

In response to a patent-infringement suit filed last November, Illumina has denied that its BeadChips and certain other technologies infringe a patent held by privately held drug maker Syntrix. (3 hours ago)

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