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Protect Your Original Work From Copycats With Copyrights

Copyrighting your content is as commonsense as locking your car.

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EDITORIAL: Our free nation has no need for a 'Great Firewall of Taiwan'

Taipei – The Taiwan Intellectual Property Office under the Ministry of Economic Affairs announced on May 28 its proposal to block access to top piracy websites as well as overseas Internet services which infringe on copyrights.

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Microsoft Backs Oracle's Crusade Against Google Android

Yes, Microsoft is backing Larry Ellison and Oracle in their ongoing crusade to prove that Google infringed on Oracle's copyrights in building the Android mobile operating system.

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Afp, Washington Post Violated Daniel Morel's Copyrights, Judge Says

A federal court in New York has ruled that Agence France-Presse violated photographer Daniel Morel's copyrights by distributing his images of the 2010 Haiti earthquake without permission.

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A developer's guide to copyright and trademark in Google Play

Android app developer William J. Francis interviews attorney Suzy Fulton, an IP and due diligence specialist, about trademarks, copyrights, and patents. She advises app developers to maintain a sense of integrity.

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Copyrights and creativity

Tom Fleming received the kind of e-mails that most artists dream of: They were from people who purchased his work and wanted more. But there was a problem — Fleming’s fans had bought the pieces at California HomeGoods stores and he had no idea the chain was selling his paintings.

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Wedding Photographers Face the Music

A wedding photographer's run-in with a rock band for unauthorized use of a popular song on a client's wedding video has cast a spotlight on a practice that makes photographers squirm: their violation of other artists' copyrights.

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