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U.S. patent authorities weigh against Oracle claims in Android suit

IDG News Service – An ongoing series of reviews by U.S. patent authorities has led to a new series of adverse rulings against Oracle's Java patent and a copyright lawsuit against Google over the Android mobile OS, according to a filing late Wednesday in U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California.

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Righthaven denies defaming copyright defendant

Las Vegas copyright lawsuit filer Righthaven LLC is denying charges that CEO Steven Gibson defamed a Righthaven defendant when he said the firm’s lawsuits target “a community of thieves.” (20 hours ago)

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EMI v. MP3tunes leaves much undecided

Both sides of the copyright lawsuit can claim a partial victory, but final decisions are a long way off. (8 mins ago)

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Removal of Printed Photo Credit Qualifies as DMCA Violation, Court Says

A federal appeals court in Philadelphia has reinstated a photographer’s copyright lawsuit against a New Jersey radio station owner, after finding that a lower court came to the wrong decision on every issue in the case. (13 hours ago)

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Judge weighing whether to dismiss copyright lawsuit

A judge questioned attorneys Tuesday about who if anyone was harmed when a Kentucky man posted without authorization a Las Vegas newspaper column on a sports website message board. (5 hours ago)

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