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Court again nixes Viacom $1B suit against YouTube

NEW YORK For the second time in three years, a federal judge has dismissed Viacom's $1 billion copyright lawsuit against YouTube, saying the online video site doesn't have to police itself as long as it removes infringing videos when copyright owners give notice.

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How Buffy kept slaying Edward despite a Lionsgate copyright lawsuit

Once upon a time, there was a show called Buffy the Vampire Slayer , and it was good. Then came the Twilight saga. Less good. Thankfully, one intrepid fan made a video where Buffy slayed Twilight vamp Edward Cullen. It was very good. Until Lionsgate pulled the video. Thank goodness for due process and fair use.

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One Faulkner lawsuit tossed, Sony lobbies to dismiss another

OXFORD The estate of William Faulkner has settled a copyright lawsuit against Northrop Grumman Corp. and The Washington Post Co. for using a Faulkner quote in a newspaper ad by the defense contractor.

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Grooveshark Embraces Html5 Amidst Emi Lawsuit

Grooveshark has launched a new HTML5 website, but will have to contend with another copyright lawsuit from EMI.

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Judge upholds Grooveshark's defense strategy

The online music service can proceed with its defense strategy against Universal Music Group's copyright lawsuit in New York state court and also proceed to countersue over claims that the music industry giant interfered with Grooveshark's business dealings with other companies.

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Businessman pays $220K to settle copyright lawsuit

A Pleasant Grove businessman has settled a lawsuit, agreeing to pay $220,000 to his former company for alleged copyright infringement.

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YouTube-Viacom Copyright Lawsuit Resurrected by Appeals Court Ruling

U.S. Court of Appeals reverses an earlier decision that protected YouTube from damage claims under the safe harbour provisions of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act . The ruling means another courtroom battle between Viacom and Google.

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