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How You're Breaking the Law Every Day [Know Your Rights]

Knowyourrights You share music, rip DVDs, make Hitler whine about your first world problems , and much more in the course of your regular online activities’and more often than not, you do these things without giving a thought to the fact that you're actually breaking the law. Here's a look at how you're inevitably circumventing copyright law and what you can do to protect yourself. More »

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Law protecting iPhone jailbreaks could expire soon

The law that protects users who choose to jailbreak? their iOS devices from copyright law is set to expire, which could change the iPhone and iPad landscape if it does.

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Universal Blasts Megaupload in Video Takedown Flap

Universal Music ripped into Megaupload in a new court filing, declaring it a pirate site in the label's legal defense of a suit accusing it of abusing copyright law by forcing YouTube to take down a video of famous musicians and celebrities praising the notorious file-sharing service.

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US asked to exempt jailbreaking from copyright law

An international electronic digital rights group asked the United States over the weekend to exempt jailbreaking from its Digital Millennium Copyright Act .

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RIAA lawyer says DMCA may need overhaul

Jennifer Pariser, the lawyer who oversees RIAA litigation, says copyright owners may need to ask Congress to make changes to copyright law. The courts are interpreting DMCA in way that strips copyright owners of protections. Originally posted at Media Maverick

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Technology investors urge US politicians to reject web-blocking law

Tech backers say proposed copyright protection law will ‘chill investment’ A proposed US law that would block access to websites that host copyright-infringing material would “throttle innovation and hurt American competitiveness”, a group of technology investors has told US legislators.? (11 hours ago)

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Microsoft Tries to Quash Innovation in Interoperability Battle Over Xbox

San Francisco – The Electronic Frontier Foundation urged a federal court Wednesday to block Microsoft Corporation’s attempt to misuse copyright law to thwart a competitor offering memory cards for the Xbox gaming system. (44 mins ago)

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