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Copyright Infringement Claims

Pursuant to Title 17, United States Code, Section 512, notifications of claimed copyright infringement should be sent to the designated agent. ALL INQUIRIES NOT RELEVANT TO OR NOT COMPLYING WITH THE FOLLOWING PROCEDURE WILL RECEIVE NO RESPONSE.

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Policing the digital storage landscape

Content providers want Congress to ensure that cloud storage doesn’t facilitate copyright infringement.

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Google: ‘Considerable Progress’ on Fighting Copyright Infringement

Google on Friday provided an update on its plans to tackle copyright infringement across the network, including the removal of takedown requests within 24 hours and banning piracy-related terms in search.

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The Tube and You: Why Insurers Are Watching YouTube

YouTube vs. Viacom is a landmark case with regard to copyright infringement. (4 hours ago)

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EFF is the leading civil liberties group defending your rights in the digital world. » About Us

Last week, TorrentFreak ran an interesting pair of posts offering opposing views on an issue that has become increasingly important with the rise of the copyright trolls : whether a person who runs an open wifi network can be held liable when others use the network for copyright infringement. (1 day ago)

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ISPs adopt copyright alert framework

Last week, a group of ISPs and content organizations in the US announced a new common framework? for dealing with alleged copyright infringement without requiring ISPs to switch off service for suspected infringers, but critics say the framework keeps service cut-off firmly on the table by invoking existing laws that holds ISPs legally liable for user behavior. (5 hours ago)

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Las Vegas Chinese media companies in copyright litigation

A Chinese-language news service in Las Vegas has hit a competitor with a lawsuit alleging copyright infringement. (5 hours ago)

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