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Porn Company Sues Tumblr for Copyright Infringement [VIDEO]

If you’ve ever wondered how sites like Tumblr get away with displaying copyrighted images, you’re not alone. Now one of the Internet?

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Copyright Doubts Still Pinned to Pinterest Despite Changes

Little more than two months after concerns about copyright infringement arose, Pinterest announced it is introducing a new feature to credit photographers, artists and creators of other content its users 'pin' on the virtual scrapbook, but legal experts were divided yesterday about whether that is enough to protect the website from liability.

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Copyright Watch: The Liability-Proof World of Pinterest

The copyright infringement hazards created by Pinterest have been the subject of much media attention, but the company actually sits on the same safe, secure legal ground that other user-generated social media sites occupy.

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In Australia, an ISP prevails in long-running copyright dispute

A long-running lawsuit against Australia's second-largest ISP has ended in a defeat for the entertainment industry, which sought to hold the ISP liable for copyright infringement on its network.

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The truth about Viacom-YouTube case

The case is a modest win for content-owners. But it also fiddles with bedrock definitions that determine the outcome of a crucial recurring question: When are companies liable for their users' copyright infringement?

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The Billion Dollar Question: When Should Internet Providers be Liable for Copyright Infringement?

At the Music Tech Summit in San Francisco last month, John Perry Barlow, Co-Founder of the Electronic Frontier Foundation and former Grateful Dead songwriter, responded to a question posed by Bob Weir, also of the Grateful Dead, about the distribution of music on the Internet as follows: 

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Copyright Notices

Pursuant to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act of 1998, we have adopted a policy pursuant to which parties can file complaints with us regarding allegations of copyright infringement by material placed on our website by third parties.

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