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File-sharing site Mega fields 150 copyright infringement warnings

The file-sharing service Mega has fielded 150 copyright warnings since its recent launch as founder Kim Dotcom grows a risky new business while under indictment by U.S. prosecutors for running Megaupload.

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Glee? Airs Baby Got Back? Cover Despite Copyright Controversy

Fox's "Glee" aired its version of "Baby Got Back" despite objections that the cover's composition was copied from singer-songwriter Jonathan Coulton. More About: copyright infringement , Entertainment , GLEE , jonathan coulton , TV

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Update: Gamestick Removed, Returned To Kickstarter After Copyright Complaint

The GameStick, a Kickstarter project we covered at launch that aimed to take what OUYA was trying to build in an Android-powered home gaming console and fit it into a device the size of a flash drive ran into some trouble today. The project has been removed from Kickstarter because of a copyright infringement complaint.

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Google attempts new defense against Viacom lawsuit: Spreadsheet snark

It never fails: If you're looking to press home the disdain you have for a particular topic, sarcasm remains a formidable tool. Just ask Google, whose latest legal motion in the ongoing battle agains Viacom over YouTube copyright infringement is a classic of the artform.

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Youtube Alters Copyright Algorithms, Will 'manually' Review Some Claims

Google-owned YouTube said Wednesday it is altering its algorithms to reduce invalid copyright infringement claims on its video-sharing site and will begin manually reviewing some claims instead of the system automatically blocking disputed footage.

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New lawsuit adds to Grooveshark's troubles

A day before Google bans Grooveshark's Android app, EMI Music files a new breach of contract and copyright infringement suit against the company. Originally posted at News – Internet & Media

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Google Appeases Hollywood But Rankles Internet Freedom Watchers

Google's nod to Hollywood with its decision to demote in its search results sites accused of copyright infringement raises questions about fairness and the ability of suspected violators to challenge the move.

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