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Biden says China cyber-theft must stop

WASHINGTON Vice President Joe Biden said Wednesday that China’s rise is good for the U.S. and the world but its theft of U.S intellectual property must stop, as the two global powers began annual talks to build cooperation and hash out their deep-seated differences.

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South-South tech cooperation: a call to action

MANILA] Developing countries need an international policy framework for harmonising strategies on technology and innovation if they are to catch up with developed countries industrially, according to a report by the UN Conference on Trade and Development .

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Sweet on Soldiers

Inland Center Mall, in cooperation with non-profit Touch of Home Support 4R Military, Inc., is collecting supplies and Valentine’s Day cards for servicemen overseas.

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Can Facebook and Google+ Coexist?

The two Internet giants are going head-to-head in a social networking battle, but cooperation could be the key to their survival. (12 mins ago)

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