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Glee? Airs Baby Got Back? Cover Despite Copyright Controversy

Fox's "Glee" aired its version of "Baby Got Back" despite objections that the cover's composition was copied from singer-songwriter Jonathan Coulton. More About: copyright infringement , Entertainment , GLEE , jonathan coulton , TV

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39;Innocence of Muslims' Controversy Continues: Actress Refiles Lawsuit

Why YouTube is finding itself in the middle of the firestorm. 

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Yoga guru Ramdev has stoked a controversy by calling MPs 'dacoits and murderer'.

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Miss Universe Australia in row over 'peepshow' underwear ads

Melbourne, Feb 26 : Miss Universe Australia has been embroiled in controversy over a new advertising campaign accused of glorifying peeping Toms.

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The Stop Online Piracy Act: a war on theft or free speech?

There’s little controversy over the need for the U.S. government to rein in a shadow industry that’s made the idea of paying for the latest “Batman” movie or Justin Bieber album laughable to a large segment of the world.

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The pros, cons of smart meters in Naperville

Naperville’s plan to begin installing so-called smart meters has triggered controversy in the city. Supporters say it’s a way to save money and make the city’s electrical system for efficient. But opponents have raised numerous concerns about safety, privacy and more. Here’s a closer look at the debate with essays on the pros and cons of the plan.

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Megaupload Song Controversy: Silence Fail, Lawsuit and Discussion

The Megaupload song controversy is one of the bigger disputes involving Digital Millennium Copyright Act recently.

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