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FCC’s new chairman wants to end ban on cell phone unlocking

Wheeler: Consumers should be allowed to unlock phones after paying off contracts.

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How a Chinese knockoff left mark on Sharpie pens

The knockoff and the real thing. Competition among manufacturers is what we thrive upon. Competition fuels our economy and offers consumers the benefit of more product choices, features and varied price options.

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FCC has phone-unlock ban on its radar

Until recently, consumers could freely unlock their smartphones without any issue. Then the Library of Congress stepped in.

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University Of Glasgow Project Taps Plasma Power To Protect Products And People

Scientists at the University of Glasgow have developed a new method to make packaged food safer for consumers and more long-lived on the shelf by harnessing the germ-killing power of ozone.

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Library of Congress enacts new law that will fine consumers for unlocking cell phones

A new constitutional law says if you unlock your cell phone, you can go to jail. Under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, it is now illegal to unlock your cell phone. The Library of Congress enacted the law on January 26, 2013, but it didn't actually go into affect until this week.

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Want to unlock your phone? Fix the DMCA

Commentary The anti-circumvention provision of the DMCA has been stifling research, slowing innovation, and annoying consumers for more than a decade. So why does it still exist? Originally posted at Molly Rants

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As Consumers Grow More Connected, New Study Reveals Fundamental Shift in Marketing Challenges and Advanced Technology

AgilOne to Host Live Webinar to Address Key Challenges and Cutting-Edge Trends to Improve Customer Engagement Marketing

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