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Tech world crawling into the crib

One is never too young to be connected. The technology industry displaying its wares at the massive Consumer Electronics Show this week in Las Vegas included a variety of products and apps aimed at the youngest audiences, even those unable to walk.

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The future has Arrived

From a tablet that can be used as a remote to tune up the home theatre and engage conversations through Facebook to an in-car head-unit that can wirelessly control a smartphone, inventions from the International Consumer Electronics Show 2012, which took place in Las Vegas last week, will undoubtedly change the way we live, work and play.

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Windows 8 on ARM: You can look but you can't touch

For a touch-based interface it was awfully hard to get hold of. Microsoft's Windows 8 OS was shown on a handful of prototype ARM-based tablets at the Consumer Electronics Show this week, but almost no one was allowed to try it out.

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GPS Dogtags and Glass PCs: the Show's Hits and Misses

This year's Consumer Electronics Show turned out to be the largest on record, despite a slow economy and what many industry pundits agree is a dearth of genuine scene-stealers.

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Bigger, thinner, smarter 3-D screens define the future for LG

By introducing, at the Consumer Electronics Show here Monday, a new line of cinema 3-D television sets with higher-resolution, bigger screens and a “smart TV ecosystem” designed to turn TV more and more into an Internet platform, LG Electronics committed a major piece of its future — and to some extent, the whole consumer electronics industry — to 3-D TV. View the full article HERE .

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Top 10 gadgets at CES Unveiled

Flying camera drones, solar-powered Kindles, backpacks that can charge your gadgets, Android-powered TVs and the world’s thinnest laptop – these are just some of the innovations unveiled so far at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, and the show hasn’t even officially started yet.

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Electronics producers target low-cost smart phones to Africans

Africa is the fastest-growing market for mobile communications after Asia. Manufacturers offer more and more low-cost phone models for emerging markets, as demonstrated at the IFA consumer electronics show in Berlin.

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