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Google's European conundrum: When does privacy mean censorship?

Though Google is a U.S. company, its American rights don't transpose across the pond. A court case will determine whether Google has to comply with EU law, which could have far-reaching consequences for European users. Originally posted at News – Security & Privacy

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Online Piracy at Colorado State

From music, to movies, to software, college students find themselves tempted to pirate media, but there are serious consequences that three Colorado State University students know all too well.

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Insight into how brain organizes itself during development

Scientists at the Allen Institute for Brain Science have taken an important step in identifying how the brain organizes itself during development. The findings, published in the Journal of Comparative Neurology today, describe – in more detail than ever before – the consequences of the loss of a key molecule involved in establishing proper brain architecture during brain development. (5 hours ago)

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