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Congress Questions India Pharma Patent Practices

India is again coming under attack for its pharmaceutical patent policies, which Big Pharma says tilt in generic drug makers’ favor.

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During hearing, Congress defends phone unlocking rights

Legislature aligns itself with the White House, hoping to fix last fall’s decision.

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Here's how to legalise phone unlocking

Although Congress has proposals to address the issue of unlocking phones, none of them actually solve the problem.

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Congress' horse-and-buggy computer laws

The prosecution of software programmer Aaron Swartz exposes the poorly written, anachronistic laws governing a range of computer use. As martyrs go, Aaron Swartz was an extraordinary example of the breed. A computer programming genius, he had helped develop the social networking site Reddit and became known as a leading advocate for easy and free information sharing on the Web.

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Matt Salmon On Government Shutdown: Gop Rep Says 'it's About Time' We Have Another One

As Congress readies for another debt ceiling debate , one Republican is convinced that a government shutdown is the solution. Rep. Matt Salmon appeared on CBS' "Face The Nation" on Sunday, voicing firm support for a suspension of government services.

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Federal Circuit sustains bar to whistleblower claims

Congress' retroactive elimination of whistleblower actions against companies that falsely label products as patented did not violate the Constitution, the Federal Circuit has ruled. A unanimous three-judge panel said that the America Invents Act's retroactive removal of the qui tam option did not violate the due process or intellectual property clauses.

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Congress Listens To Complaints Of Out Of Tune Royalty Rates For Internet Radio

With Halloween around the corner, it’s just a matter of time before you start hearing Monster Mash and other ghoulish hits. But what you may not know is that the method you choose for listening to that and all other radio programming makes a monstrous difference in the royalties involved.

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