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Fake Flash update installs feared banking Trojan

A new spam email campaign infects users' computers with a fake update for Adobe Flash Player but all the victims will be watching is money drain out of their online bank accounts. That's because the fake Flash update instead installs the Zeus banking Trojan, and then directs victims' computers to domains hosting more malicious software.

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PRINCETON: Students help seniors comprehend computers

The roles were reversed at the Princeton Senior Resource Center on Tuesday, where Princeton University students were teaching their elders the joys of using an iPad.

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Authorities prepare to close down DNSChanger servers, recommend DNS repair tool

German authorities are advising victims of DNSChanger Trojan programs to fix their computers' Domain Name System settings using a free tool developed by antivirus company Avira, because the servers resolving DNS queries on their behalf will be closed down on March 8.

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Dupont, Makhteshim, Kodak, News Corp: Intellectual Property

China-based hackers rifled the computers of DuPont Co. at least twice in 2009 and 2010, hunting for technological secrets that made the company one of the world’s most successful chemical makers.

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NSA whistle-blowers want seized computers returned

Group, including Thomas Drake, file motions in court Group, including Thomas Drake, file motions in court

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Sony gets impound order for PS3 hacker’s computers

Judge orders George Hotz to cease all hacking of console, turn over PCs and hard drives within two weeks. (20 hours ago)

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