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Whatrunswhere Acquires Mobile Ad Spy, Launches Mobile Ad Tracking Service

SAN DIEGO—-WhatRunsWhere launches mobile ad tracking service with acquisition of competitive intelligence tool Mobile Ad Spy.

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Sales Professionals Leverage ChangeDetect Competitive Intelligence

sales professionals

Sales professionals are using ChangeDetect for competitive intelligence.

As one of the top monitoring applications used by sales professionals, ChangeDetect allows sales professionals to monitor the online price lists of rivals/competitors.

Read more about how sales professionals are using ChangeDetect for competitive intelligence

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Web Page Monitoring – How It Works

With the release of web page monitoring services, monitoring content of interest to users has never been easier.

To monitor web-enabled content for changes, all that is required is an e-mail account and a strong mindset for being the first to know about relevant changes to recently updated content.

Web page monitoring services are user-friendly with all services driven by custom user settings and subscriber preferences.

Overview: Web Page Monitoring

A vast array of content is available on the Internet.

With the assistance of top search engines like Yahoo or Google, most Web users have mastered content discovery.

On the other hand, keeping up to date with content updates is a challenge for most Internet users.

Sure there are “RSS feeds” and many web sites today offer proprietary update notification services, but not everyone wants to deal with complicated web technology such as RSS or yet another content change notification service that is specific to a particular website. Besides not every web site is deployed with an RSS feed. Furthermore most on-site content change notification services are controlled by the webmaster which means less choice for Internet users.

As such, most Internet surfers prefer a simple means to track the hidden web or sensitive content for most any web-enabled content. This is likely to be at odds with the goals of a webmaster who may not want Internet visitors to track updates to certain areas of the website he administers.

Therefore Internet users find value in centralizing web page monitoring and update notification with a single, simple third-party service.

Web Page Monitoring: How It Works

web page monitoring how it works

Keep An Eye On Your Sites Source: ChangeDetect

Safety, security and convenience built in.

There are two ways in which web page monitoring solutions are deployed.

  • Download software
  • Online web services

Of the two web page monitoring delivery approaches, online web page monitoring services are of higher value because there is nothing to download to your computer and new web page monitoring features can easily be added to the service.

Having to first download and then install software packages onto your computer is a virus risk. Most companies and many smart internet users work to avoid downloading unknown, or otherwise unproven, software onto their computers.

With online web page monitoring, Internet users also are not required to take extra steps to download software “patches” and/or install security updates. Because there is no such thing as a downloadable software patch with an online web service…

With online web page monitoring, everything executes safely on the Web as a secure Internet service.

Web Page Monitoring: Service Benefits

Top 10 reasons why you need a web page monitoring solution today!

  1. Be the first to know about important content changes to the web content that is the most relevant to your interests
  2. Automatically, monitor any web-enabled content for changes
  3. Track high value content typically obscured by password protection
  4. Monitor changes to web search and HTML forms
  5. Pass custom cookies to further unveil the hidden web to content update monitoring
  6. Avoid computer viruses and other malware because there is no software to download when you subscribe to a web service for web page monitoring
  7. Track sensitive content such as a press release, online price changes or even a competitor’s website — The best web page monitoring services track your sensitive conent confidentially and privately from anonymous third-party, proxy servers
  8. Capitalize on a state-of-the-art, self-healing system for proactive web page update tracking and notification which consistently delivers results that other web services are unable to duplicate
  9. Consult with content monitoring experts offering web page monitoring premium services
  10. Work online from anywhere…

Is Web Page Monitoring Right For You?

Web users just like you use web page monitoring services to track their favorite web-enabled content for changes.

  • Sales Professionals
  • Business Executives
  • Intellectual Property Attorneys
  • Newsletter Publishers
  • Librarians and Information Researchers
  • Software Developers
  • Software Buyers
  • Message Board Subscribers
  • Job Seekers

TIP: The top web page monitoring solutions feature content changes with color coded highlights, often in red and green. Red is used for removed content while green is often used for recently added content.

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AdGooroo, Acquisio Join Forces to Deliver Advertising Insights

Customers Benefit from Competitive Intelligence Combined with Cross-Channel Campaign Performance Metrics (10 hours ago)

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Experian Hitwise and AdGooroo Combine Data to Provide the World’s First Customized End-to-End Competitive Intelligence

Experian® Hitwise®, the leading online competitive intelligence service, and AdGooroo , a leading provider of digital marketing intelligence and keyword tools, today announced a global agreement to jointly offer customized research and analysis services.   (1 day ago)

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Competitive Intelligence Tools – First Steps in Gathering Online Information about the Competition

In a global environment where the Internet provides customers with instant access to information about price, quality and service, business owners and executives need access to competitive intelligence tools. With the information learned from competitive intelligence, marketing programs could be created to not only react quickly, but also anticipate a competitor’s moves in the market.

Competitive intelligence gathering refers to the process of defining, analyzing and distributing knowledge about products, customers, and competitors with the aim of helping executives and managers with strategic decision-making for an organization.

The key phrase is intelligence. If the information gathered about competitors is not usable or actionable then it is of no use.

Keep up with the competition. Sign up now for competitive intelligence tools by ChangeDetect

Intelligence about competitors can come in many forms. Tools are available, for example, which automatically collect all documents related to your competitor, which are then filtered and scored for relevancy according to your industry or market segment. With specific regard to the Internet, competitive intelligence tools are available that monitor your competitor’s websites and identify their major traffic sources – since on the Internet traffic is often regarded as a principal competitive measure. Competitive intelligence tools, in this context, track which websites are responsible for sending traffic to a competitor’s pages (including search engines), which keywords are most used to send traffic and which keywords are being bid on in a competitor’s paid campaigns.

Whilst information can be gathered on the Internet relatively easily and can be used to predict future trends and market requirements, it is, nonetheless, public domain information and may not provide insights that are unique to the target organization. In fact, some researchers eschew such information as potentially misleading pointing to the possibility of intentional misinformation. According to this philosophy, primary research, involving networking with industry players, attending trade shows and conferences and directly interacting with customers and suppliers is regarded as providing more robust data for decision-making. In this context data, while necessary, is not sufficient in itself to provide true competitive intelligence.

Instead human intelligence and experience is regarded as key to providing a more sophisticated qualitative analysis that relies on creative analysis and which anticipates future trends and actions rather than simply reacting to them.

Competitive intelligence must draw on a wide variety of data sources from multiple stakeholders to draw actionable conclusions: competitive intelligence, therefore, is not simply a collection of facts (although they are required) but also a particular view of, and approach to, those facts that enables successful competitive performance and innovation.

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