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Snooki sues rival perfume company for ripping-off her trademark fragrance

Washington, August 31 : American reality television star Nicole Elizabeth 'Snooki' Polizzi has reportedly filed a lawsuit against Excell Brands in New Jersey, claiming that they copied her official trademark fragrance called 'Snooki'.

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Roanoke company faces possible trademark infringement

A lemonade company in Rhode Island says Deb’s Lemonade in Roanoke is using its lemon logo A long-time business in Roanoke is in a legal battle over its name.

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New Ulm Brewing Company files trademark infringement lawsuit

KREBS, Okla.-New Ulm Brewing & Beverage Company, which makes 1919 Draft Root Beer for the August Schell Brewing Company, is suing the microbrewery Krebs Brewing Company for unfair competition and trademark infringement of its 1919 label.

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China company sues Apple over Snow Leopard trademark

Shades of the Proview case? Household chemicals maker Jiangsu Xuebao claims to own the Snow Leopard trademark — well, the Chinese translation, anyway.

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Blizzard DOTA changed to Blizzard All-Stars

Company changes name to resolve trademark dispute with Valve; Blizzard allowed to keep using the DOTA name only for noncommercial use for the player community.

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Lady Gaga sues company over trademark ‘confusion’

New York, Sept 29 : Lady Gaga has filed a lawsuit against a company that has been trying to trademark the name “Lady gaga by Design” for a line of cosmetics and jewellery.

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Twitter contests advertising company’s ‘tweet’ trademark

Twitter has launched a legal bid to cancel a firm’s registered trademark that includes the word ‘tweet’, according to a copy of its lawsuit.

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