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Bikes stolen from cancer charity cyclists

Imagine biking across the country for a good cause only to have that good deed punished by a callous thief. That's what happened to two college students who spent their summer raising money for cancer patients.

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Honors: Resident's work was part of transcontinental Olympics project

As college students, Adam Cuthbert and Daniel Rhode had always wanted to compose music with electronic influences for a symphony orchestra. Now their collaboration is part of a transcontinental project in honor of the Olympics.

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Online Piracy at Colorado State

From music, to movies, to software, college students find themselves tempted to pirate media, but there are serious consequences that three Colorado State University students know all too well.

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Cut the electronic umbilical cord, Cornell lecturer says in guide for parents of college students

Thanks to the long reach of texting, Skype, Facebook and other social media, college students have never been more connected to their parents — trading messages and speaking an average of 13 times per week according to one study. (25 mins ago)

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Column: Long distance <3

More students than ever are in long-distance relationships. A study published last year in the journal Communications Research claims as many as half of college students are in LDRs, and at least 75 percent will be in one “at some point.” Over the past several decades, LDRs have been on the rise. (3 mins ago)

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