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The Shield Act Tries To Kill The Patent Trolls. But Does It Go Far Enough?

My colleagues over at The Register report the following: Shell companies that threaten legal action over patent infringement without actually producing anything themselves could be driven out of business if the newly proposed and risibly backronymed Saving High-tech Innovators from Egregious Legal Disputes Act becomes law.

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Lovato 'casually dating' Niall Horan

Demi Lovato has reportedly admitted to work colleagues she is 'casually dating' One Direction's Niall Horan.

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Should Google censor an anti-Islam video?

Just hours after the U.S. consulate came under attack in Libya, resulting in the death of the U.S. ambassador and three of his colleagues, YouTube blocked access to an anti-Islam video that sparked protests in Egypt and Libya. The video, which was made in America and crudely characterized the Prophet Mohammed, understandably offended many Muslims.

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Skype launches group texting app for Windows Phones

Skype this week launched the GroupMe app for Windows Phone, following its August acquisition of the tool that enables free, real-time group texting. GroupMe lets you communicate instantly with up to 25 colleagues using chat, photos and location sharing.

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Fat is an economic issue how a spreading waistline is hitting the bottom line

Being overweight, a smoker and depressed at work should become as unacceptable as breaching safety rules or doing a shoddy job. Unhealthy workers are up to 12 per cent less productive than healthy colleagues, costing firms millions, experts will warn this week.

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A PR idea that’s a dull idea!

I am a changed man. I started my career working for a UK PR agency, a pretty aggressive and fantastically innovative one at that. From my very first day until the moment I left, I along with my colleagues learned to reject, nay loathe, any creative channel that wasn’t PR. It was instilled in the agency’s ethos and ingrained in the team’s culture to favour PR above all else. (14 hours ago)

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Left Brain Dga Snags Rubicon Marketing Group’s Top Talent

MENLO PARK, CA–(Marketwire – Jun 21, 2011) – Left Brain DGA, a Silicon Valley-based demand generation agency, announces the addition of Ms. April Brown, former CEO of Rubicon Marketing Group, and two ex-Rubicon colleagues. Ms. Brown will serve as VP of Demand Generation Strategy; Kevin Provost, Director, Client Services; and David Ward, Production Lead. (9 hours ago)

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