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Stephen Foley: Welcome to the age of sub-prime patents or mutually assured litigation

US Outlook: Remember the chaos that ensued when mortgages stopped being a contract between you and your bank, and instead became financial chips bought and sold by gamblers on the world’s markets? (3 hours ago)

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CSU T.A. watches Egypt protests from afar

As Egyptian cries for freedom pour out from the streets of Cairo, CSU Arabic teaching assistant Fatma Abdelrahman can only watch. She absorbs the news as it comes and struggles to get details about the chaos in her homeland. (59 mins ago)

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Metro Families Nervously Watching Violence In Egypt.

What started out as a vacation for Julie Roy’s father and step-mother has turned into a front row seat to history and the violent political upheaval that has trapped them both smack in the middle of the chaos. (32 mins ago)

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