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Facebook Updates Mentions to Making Sharing Easier for Celebrities

The standalone app is popular among celebrities including Channing Tatum, Justin Bieber and Anne Hathaway.

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19 Patents Invented By Ingenious Celebrities

The United States Patent and Trademark Office has granted well over 8 million patents, so it would stand to reason that at least of few of them were authored by people with a certain degree of fame. Like Lawrence Welk, for instance. Yes, the '70s-era polka king was somewhat of a tinkerer.

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Why Trademarks Make Lousy Lin-vestments

Real-Time Advice: Trademarking the names of celebrities is a flagrant foul, lawyers say.

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Universal Blasts Megaupload in Video Takedown Flap

Universal Music ripped into Megaupload in a new court filing, declaring it a pirate site in the label's legal defense of a suit accusing it of abusing copyright law by forcing YouTube to take down a video of famous musicians and celebrities praising the notorious file-sharing service.

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Robert Boochever dies at 94; U.S. appellate judge

Robert Boochever was one of 10 judges added to the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals in Carter’s last years. Some of the jurist’s key decisions involved celebrities’ right to control the commercial value of their fame. Robert Boochever, a judge who honed his legal skills in the wilds of pre-statehood Alaska before his elevation to the U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, has died. He was 94.

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Dude, where’s your declaration of interest? Ashton Kutcher in media storm

Ashton Kutcher made a name for himself by pulling the wool over celebrities’ eyes in the mischievous MTV show Punk’d, but the Hollywood actor may soon find himself under federal investigation if it is proven that he attempted to do the same to readers of the US magazine Details. (5 mins ago)

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Have US courts gone too far by expanding celebrities’ ‘right of publicity’

Washington, Aug 14 : A University at Buffalo Law School professor is questioning whether American courts have gone too far by expanding the legal rights and privileges celebrities can command over others using their names or likenesses. (3 hours ago)

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