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Business Ask The Lawyer column: Tackling trademark infringement issues

Question: I’ve received a cease-and-desist letter from some corporation telling me to stop marketing one of my business’s products in a way that violates their trademark. We’re not even in the same industry. Are they serious?

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Jack Daniel's Cease, Desist Letter Earns Good Publicity

Trademark infringement can get ugly but Jack Daniel's actually used it to their advantage . And they still managed to enforce their trademark. The company sent a cease and desist letter to author Patrick Wensink whose new book's cover looked an awful lot like the iconic whiskey label.

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Knitters Outraged After U.s. Olympic Committee Squashes Knitting Olympics’and Disses Knitters [olympics]

Olympics If you mess with the Olympics trademark, a cloud of legal hurt will descend on you faster than Tyson Gay in the Men's 100 meters. Case in point: The U.S. Olympic Committee has sent a cease and desist letter to a knitting-based social network for hosting a knitting "olympics." Now, knitters are in revolt. More »

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Were Tim Tebow's Lawyers Wrong for Threatening to Sue 'Jesus' T-Shirt Makers? Fan's View

I don't see what all the hubbub is about regarding Tim Tebow's attorneys sending a cease and desist letter to a company that created a t-shirt with a remixed New York Jets logo with a Jesus-friendly theme.

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Fur flies in trademark suit by Naples Wigglebutt Inn against Wigglebutt Doghouse

It’s a tale that began with a cease-and-desist letter in June, when an attorney for The Wigglebutt Inn in Naples wrote to The Wigglebutt Doghouse in Indianapolis, suggesting the name was a trademark infringement.

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Baby Gaga’ breast milk ice cream gets a no-go from Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga is not squeamish about bodily fluids, but the pop star is sending a cease and desist letter to the London Icecreamists for selling frozen treats called “Baby Gaga” probably has more to do with trademark infringement and less to do with the fact that the ice cream is made out of human (5 hours ago)

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