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Career Almanac

Dan Baker was hired as central regional sales manager for Murata Machinery USA Inc.

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Lance Armstrong admits doping: Can his personal brand recover?

In trying to rescue his competitive career, Lance Armstrong may have made himself a marketing pariah for good.

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Q&a: Robert Cailliau

Cailliau’s career at CERN spanned almost four decades, during which time he helped build the World Wide Web.

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Lexington cookbook author explores world of food

Lexington cookbook author Debra Samuels speaks to the Lexington Minuteman about her world travels, her career as a cooking teacher and food writer, and her thoughts on global cuisines.

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A PR idea that’s a dull idea!

I am a changed man. I started my career working for a UK PR agency, a pretty aggressive and fantastically innovative one at that. From my very first day until the moment I left, I along with my colleagues learned to reject, nay loathe, any creative channel that wasn’t PR. It was instilled in the agency’s ethos and ingrained in the team’s culture to favour PR above all else. (14 hours ago)

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Career Hunt Sk

Modern technology is absolutely amazing, especially when it comes to communication. Here I am drinking coffee at my usual watering hole in Wawota, and at any moment I can pick up my smart phone and get in touch with folks on the other side of the world. (20 mins ago)

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