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ADFA Skype case drawing to a close

The trial of two men over a Skype-sex incident at the Australian Defence Force Academy in Canberra is drawing to a close in the ACT Supreme Court.

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ADFA Skype sex victim 'knew she was being filmed'

An Australian Defence Force Academy cadet at the centre of the so-called Skype sex case told the alleged victim he would be filming her, a Canberra court has heard.

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ADFA Skype trial begins

Two former Australian Defence Force Academy cadets have gone on trial in Canberra after one filmed himself having sex with a female cadet, and sent the images via Skype to the other.

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ADFA student charged with indecent acts

An international student at the Australian Defence Force Academy faced a Canberra court today, charged with committing indecent acts on a fellow student.

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Holden's questionable tune-up

Canberra's latest injection of $275 million into the Australian automotive industry may turn out to be justified but only if it is used to make genuinely competitive changes and not merely buy jobs. 22 Mar 2012 12:36 PM

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Canberra mulls a wider safe harbour

Attorney-General announces three copyright reviews. (14 hours ago)

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