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Sony Wants To Let You Skip Commercials But Only If You'll Stand Up and Shout Brand Names At Your TV [Patents]

Patents As technology marches ever forwards, there are companies who will want to make sure advertising can keep up. That's why Sony filed a patent for next-gen ads that let you skip through them, but only if you yell a brand name at your TV. More »

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Why 7 Search Results in Google Should be Your Brand New Lucky Number

A big change seems to be underway on Google, most likely designed to give brands more control of the search results associated with their brand names. Google is now showing three less results on searches for brand names .

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South Africa: Gov't to Follow New Australia Tobacco Laws – Report

SAPA]Johannesburg -South Africa will follow Australia's example by trying to ban the display of brand names on tobacco packets, according to a report on Thursday.

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The Complete Guide To Bidding On Competitor Brand Names & Trademarked Terms

It’s been long known in the industry that brand term keywords garner a much higher click-through-rate. As a result, marketers often start by bidding on their own brand terms. This however cannibalizes, to some degree, organic traffic that would have been received for those terms anyway.

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