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Apple’s crucial overscroll bounce patent claim is valid, US patent office says

The USPTO has confirmed four claims of Apple’s overscroll bounce patent, including claim 19 of the patent, according to a document filed with a Californian court on Thursday. That claim played a crucial part in Apple’s US$1.05 billion dollar lawsuit against Samsung,.        

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Uspto Reverses Course, Confirms Apple’s Overscroll Bounce? Patent

The U.S. Patent & Trademark Office reversed a “final” ruling from April that invalidated key claims in Apple’s “overscroll bounce” patent. The USPTO informed Apple that it would be issuing a reexamination certificate for the patent that confirms four key claims, including claim 19 that a jury found Samsung infringed in 2012.

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Apple Rubber Band Patent Bounced by USPTO

Apple's patent on rubber banding — the bounce-back scrolling behavior that played a role in its victory over Samsung in a lawsuit earlier this year — has been rejected by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. Rubber banding, also known as "scroll bounce," causes the image on a screen to bounce when it reaches its top or side limits.

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