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Games firm boss in legal battle with bullying? Warner Bros over business name

A ONE-MAN video games company based in Edinburgh has triumphed over one of the world’s largest entertainment corporations in a David-versus-Goliath battle for trademark rights.

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Burger queen

She excelled at school, studied business, then law. But only one tertiary course grabbed the McDonald's boss -at the Hamburger University, writes Mark Dapin.

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Dublin Bottling Co. boss visits Austin

Dublin Bottling Works may have lost its historic Dublin Dr Pepper brand, but owners are confident of a strong future, especially in the company's biggest market: Austin.

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Leading Business Intelligence on the Middle East & North Africa

TUNIS, Nov 17, 2011 – A Tunisian television channel boss went on trial Thursday amid rowdy scenes in a packed court for “undermining sacred values” by showing the film “Persepolis”, to the wrath of Islamic hardliners.

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Lightening the burden of being the boss

The weight of having people’s livelihood in your hands never fully goes away, but knowing where your revenue to cover expenses will come from does reduce the feeling (6 hours ago)

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More women accuse ADF of sex abuse

THREE more women have come forward claiming sex abuse cover-ups by the ADF, as Australia’s Defence boss admits errors over the cadet sex scandal. (34 mins ago)

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