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Mortgage-bond sales hit highest level since 2009

Nearly $176 billion in bonds backed by fixed-rate home loans are issued in November amid a refinance boom and lenders' hurry to securitize loans before Fannie's and Freddie's fees rise. Sales of government-backed mortgage securities rose in November to the highest level in more than three years, stoked by a refinance boom and a rush by banks to avoid a fee increase from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

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5 Tips for Braving the BYOD Boom

On today's information technology landscape, one thing is glaringly obvious: Security concerns associated with employees bringing personal devices onto the corporate network — both internal and external — are keeping IT managers up at night. The "consumerization" of IT is having an enormous impact on IT security.

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Too Little Space for Too Many Cars

JEDDAH, 26 August 2004 A rash of non-legal no parking? signs is appearing in the residential areas of north Jeddah. With the building boom accommodating people vertically in multi-floor apartment blocks, the roads are becoming overcrowded with vehicles belonging to the residents.

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Scotland’s skiing boom was made on the Clyde

FIFTY years ago, skiing in Scotland went up in the world.

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Australia’s Boom with a Bust

Australia is currently experiencing the largest sustained boost to the terms of trade in our history, according to the Australian Treasury’s Macroeconomic Group. Australia is in the midst of the biggest resources boom in its history, which is pouring tens of billions of dollars into the country. Read the full story at (37 mins ago)

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