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Apple, Lg Electronics Defeat Alcatel-lucent Patent Claims

The verdict today came after a trial that began Nov. 27 in federal court in San Diego over a 2010 lawsuit by the Paris- based company’s Multimedia Patent Trust accusing Apple and LG Electronics of copying video-compression technology that allows data to be sent more efficiently over communications media, including the Internet and satellites, or stored on DVDs and Blu-Ray disks.

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Why a German luggage company is suing Marvel over Avengers movie

For Marvel, The Avengers was more than just the biggest movie they've ever done. It was the end of an ambitious four-year slate of movies they've dubbed "Phase One" of their cinematic universe. Now, as Marvel prepares to release a limited-edition collection of all the Phase One films on Blu-ray, a German luggage company is taking them to court. But why?

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Blu-ray burner gets lite-on but speedy X-Rating: 12x

Lite-On’s latest Blu-ray burner gets an ultra-fast 12x rating for data writing, resulting in what’s claimed to be the shortest possible time to easily burn high-capacity, high definition content?. (5 mins ago)

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