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Reddit Creates The Freedom Of Internet Act

The users of Reddit are more than just Internet warriors who fought bravely against SOPA and PIPA with the legendary Net blackout of January. They are also amateur legislators which they have proven by writing a law of their own.

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Law professor weighs in on SOPA

Technology companies and consumers have been lobbying against online piracy for weeks. However, it wasn't brought to the majority of American's attention until Wikipedia announced its 24-hour blackout on Jan. 18, just days before SOPA and PIPA were set to be debated in Senate.

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SOPA blackout leaves MU students without Wikipedia for a day

Sites like Wikipedia, Google, Twitter and Reddit are all protesting anti-piracy bills.

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US anti-piracy bill loses support

Eight US lawmakers withdraw support for anti-piracy legislation being considered in Congress after "blackout" protests on thousands of websites.

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Wednesday Is Blackout Day on the Internet

COMMENTARY | Today is the day that some are calling blackout day on the Internet. In protest of the proposed Stop Online Piracy and Protect Intellectual Property Acts that are currently circling Congress, several websites that some of you reading this frequent are currently inaccessible.

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Wikipedia blackout: Why even supporters question anti-SOPA move

As the fracas over the proposed federal anti-privacy legislation known as SOPA heats up this week, the open-source encyclopedia website, Wikipedia, says it will shut down for 24 hours, beginning midnight Tuesday to protest what the website warns is a threat to free speech.

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Gas station accused of price gouging during blackout

Gas pumps all around the county were shut off during the blackout, leaving frustrated drivers unable to fill up. One gas station in the East County was able to get back online Thursday night, thanks to a generator.

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