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Biz Break: Google search avoids antitrust charges, SunPower deal leads to solar rise

Today: The FTC comes to an agreement with Google on some charges, but says its core search business does not break U.S. antitrust laws. Also: SunPower zooms higher after selling solar projects, helping the entire sector, as markets trend down.

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Copyright trolls, biz scum, freetards – it's NOT black and white

New Media Rights man on the 50 shades of grey in IP debate Sysdmin blog A new intellectual property rights organisation has popped up in the United States called New Media Rights . New Media Rights strikes a different balance than most intellectual property organisations; they champion the rights of independent creators as well as those of individual consumers.?

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HTC takes another punch to the wallet, loses $40m gaming investment

OnLive: Cloudy gaming biz restructures, junks investments Taiwanese phone-maker HTC has just seen the $40m it shovelled into an internet gaming company go up in smoke.?

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Tarpon Biosystems adds funding to drug purification biz

Tarpon Biosystems Inc., a Worcester-based firm offering drug-purification equipment and processes, is taking in $786,000 in a debt offering, per a regulatory filing. (13 mins ago)

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