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Golden Hour Jury Verdict Leads emsCharts to Bankruptcy

EmsCharts Attempts to Avoid Judgment in Willful Infringement Litigation

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Proview Rejected Apple’s $16m Offer, Wanted $400m

Yesterday we brought you news that a U.S. District Court judge had rejected Proview’s attempt to bring its trademark infringement battle with Apple to American shores. Now it appears that Apple has made attempts to settle the case and been

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Occupy protests inspires T-shirts, trademark bids

The revolution will be trademarked and put on T-shirts if an increasing number of entrepreneurs succeed in their attempts to profit from the Occupy demonstrations.

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Lawsuit Against YouTube Threatens Global Growth of Political Speech

San Francisco – The Electronic Frontier Foundation and a coalition of advocacy groups have asked a federal appeals court to reject attempts to thwart federal copyright law and saddle online communities with new litigation fears in the appeal of Viacom v. YouTube. (43 mins ago)

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Google won’t pay networks

Attempts by broadcasters to seek payment for allowing their online video to be viewed through Google Inc.’s new Web-connected TV platform represents a “misunderstanding” of what it is, a Google executive said Tuesday. (37 mins ago)

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