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Art to protecting intellectual property

Ladysmith Black Mambazo manager Romeo Qetsimani is urging artists to register with Companies and Intellectual Property Commission to protect themselves

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Two Artists Draw on Viewpoints for New Exhibition

Our minds live in two worlds: one world is what we think is real and the other is not so real, or the abstract. In the fable "Invisible Elephant," six blind men encounter an elephant and each feels a different part of its body. One blind man feel the trunk and thinks it's bamboo, another feels an ear and thinks it's a fan and another feels a leg and thinks it's a pillar.

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Exhibit curated by staff member and featuring other Yale affiliates explores art as ritual

Yale staff member Meredith Miller 03 ART, a photographer at the Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library, has organized an exhibition at Artspace featuring artists who engage in such daily art making or whose own art reflects an interest in ritual or marking time.

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Lack of snow leaves Burlington artists in cold

Here are highlights of the 20th annual Burlington Winter Festival this weekend: Today and Saturday: 6 p.m.: Light Show, City Hall Block. Lights turn on every hour, accompanied by music.

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