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Can Facebook Army Supercharge Nonprofit Fundraising? First Test: Sandy

Facebook is to set to offer charitable donations on its Gifts service this week, a move that could funnel some extra cash to non-profits through the world's largest social network while also bolstering its newly expanded e-commerce platform.

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Burma just opened up after 50 years. But where are all the tourists?

As Myanmar comes out of five decades of Army-imposed hibernation, it is finding the tourist game a tough one to play.

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Syria army pounds Homs after 79 killed nationwide

It kept up its bombardment of rebel neighbourhoods of the central city of Homs. -AFP

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Clashes rage in Syria, opposition meets abroad

Rebels fought the army in northern Syria on Saturday, activists said, and Syrian dissidents abroad gathered to try to unify and project themselves as a credible alternative to President Bashar al-Assad.

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Egypt Protests: Mubarak Hangs On After Mass Uprising

CAIRO – Hundreds of thousands of Egyptians marched peacefully in Cairo on Friday to demand an immediate end to Hosni Mubarak’s 30-year rule, but there was no sign of the army or the president’s U.S. allies forcing him out just yet. (15 mins ago)

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Military Issues New Uniforms: Camouflage is Out, MultiCam is In

Soldiers in Afghanistan will be getting some new duds. The Army began issuing a new uniform, replacing old camouflage uniforms with duds called MultiCam, designed to blend in with varied landscapes. . . . (5 hours ago)

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Army apologises after Omar protests ‘interference’

JandK CM had complained to Prime Minister against Army’s public criticism of him and his government. (4 mins ago)

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