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Fake apps find way into Windows Store

More than 100 fake apps have found their way into Microsoft's Windows Store, tricking Windows users into buying useless programs, a Windows-oriented site said.

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Business Insider Is Hiring An Awesome Mobile Product Manager

Business Insider is looking for a mobile-focused Product Manager to join the team in building the fastest-growing business news site on the web. Are you attached to your phone at all hours? Do you have five weather apps just to determine which is best? Do clunky digital experiences drive you nuts?

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Microsoft offers developer tools for its lonely Office Store

Visual Studio kit for building Office add-ons exits preview Microsoft really wants developers to build apps for the new version of its Office productivity suite both standalone and subscription and to that end it has released a new set of tools for Visual Studio 2012 designed to make it easier to develop, test, and deploy Office add-ons.?

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How to control Windows Store Apps in Windows 8

Getting an application published in the store involves a testing and accreditation process, and only applications which satisfy Microsoft guidelines are shown.

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What Linus Torvalds hath wrought

Linux has become an effective building block for some real-time and deterministic apps. But that is not the reason it is gaining a foothold in embedded systems designs.

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Tech world crawling into the crib

One is never too young to be connected. The technology industry displaying its wares at the massive Consumer Electronics Show this week in Las Vegas included a variety of products and apps aimed at the youngest audiences, even those unable to walk.

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eFax App for iOS Makes It Easier to Fax on the Go

Integration With More Cloud Apps and Enhancements for New iPad mini and iPhone 5 Improves Mobile Faxing

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