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India denies revoking Roche patent, says it lapsed

India on Monday denied revoking additional patents related to Roche Holding's breast cancer drug Herceptin, saying the Swiss giant failed to follow legal procedures so the applications lapsed.

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Patent changes expected to have widespread effects

Over the coming six months, the U.S. Trademark and Patent Office will change the standard under which patents are granted, as well as adding a new process for invalidating them. Local intellectual property attorneys say the immediate effects will be widespread, ranging from a bottleneck of applications to get in under the old rules to a whole different approach to filing for patents.

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Cloud Expo: Reaching China with Your Website & Cloud Application

Reaching customers and employees with cloud applications when they are located in emerging markets (such as Russia, Indonesia, Brazil and China) poses a major challenge.

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Wafer-scale CMOS imaging enters X-ray applications

The Science and Technology Facilities Council's Rutherford Appleton Laboratory has developed a high-resolution wafer-scale digital image sensor that targets medical imaging applications.

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Google, Amazon, More to Battle Over New Domains

ICANN released a list of 1,930 applied-for generic top-level domains that includes applications from top tech firms like Google, Samsung, Amazon, Microsoft, and Apple.

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Applications for dot-anything domains close tonight

The ICANN registration process for new generic top-level domains finally draws to a close today, with many companies rushing to complete their applications before midnight.

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eFax Helps Mortgage Providers Close Deals More Efficiently

Online Fax Service Enables Lenders to Complete Customer Refinance Applications More Quickly

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