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Apple Secures Trademark on its Retail Store Layouts

Apple has secured its latest trademark – and now owns the rights to a retail store laid out with long tables in a row.

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Apple Gets Trademark for Retail Store Design and Layout

Apple has been granted a service mark in the U.S. for the design and layout of its retail store, reflecting the company's interest to protect the design of its popular stores from copycat retailers.

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Judge Knocks Some Wind Out of Apple's App Store Sails

A federal judge this week granted Amazon's request to throw out one claim in Apple's lawsuit against it — namely the allegation that Amazon engaged in false advertising by using the term "Appstore" for its slew of Android-based online offerings. Other claims Apple is alleging against Amazon, including one for trademark infringement, are going forward in the trial.

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Sizzling mobile-application industry ready to hire

Ross Waycaster designed the first of his four mobile applications as a high school senior in Tupelo, Miss., a game called "Super Marrio Jump" that's been downloaded from the Apple store more than 20,000 times, earning him more than $16,000.

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Apple's China store-to-customer ratio could 'harm sales'

Apple has a remarkably low store-to-customer ratio in China that could see the technology giant's retail sales suffer if it does not ramp up its mainland expansion.

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Apple wins long-awaited iTunes Store patent

Apple has been granted a patent for its iTunes Store interface, almost eight years after the company filed the application in 2004. Apple’s patent is for Graphical user interface for browsing, searching and presenting media items,? according to the official document published by the US Patent and Trademark Office on Tuesday.

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Apple App Store hits 25 billion downloads for iPhone, iPad, iPod apps

Apple apps hit milestone of 25 billion apps downloaded from Apple’s App Store more than three for every person on the planet.

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