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Apple “Hydrogen-fuel Battery” May Keep Future iPhones, iPads and Macbooks Powered for Weeks

Technology giant Apple’s products are well known for design and functionality but Apple fans have an age-old wish – a better battery life. And, this wish could be fulfilled soon as Apple is developing a battery that will run on hydrogen-fuel, a battery that can keep all portable Apple devices including iPhone, iPad, iPod and Macbook powered, not for days, but for weeks.

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Apple, Crocs, Tony Chachere’s, Ninjavideo: Intellectual Property

Apple Inc. has infringed upon Samsung Electronics patents since entering the mobile-phone market with the iPhone 3G, a lawyer for Samsung told a Dutch court as the Korean company seeks a ban on some Apple products in the Netherlands.

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Apple reaches deal with New York stores selling fake goods

Apple has reached a deal with two New York stores that have reportedly been selling fake goods. Once agreed by the courts, the stores will have five days to hand over any fake Apple products.

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