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What Do Torrent Sites Think About Google’s New Anti-piracy Policy?

Google caused a lot of discussion last week when they announced that they were introducing a new ranking signal into their search algorithm. The new signal directly targets sites that receive a lot of DMCA takedown notices and downgrades them

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YouTube escapes Google's anti-piracy crackdown

YouTube gets a barrage of copyright-related take-down requests, but Google says the site will be mostly unaffected by a new search tweak that factors in piracy.

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European Parliament Kills Global Anti-piracy Accord Acta

The European Parliament on Wednesday declared its independence from a controversial global anti-piracy accord, rejecting the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement.

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Copyright Treaty Requires Congressional Support, Senator Says

Sen. Ron Wyden has proposed legislation requiring the Obama administration to secure congressional legislative approval for the United States to participate in an international anti-piracy treaty, a position at odds with the Obama administration.

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U.S. Authorities Shut Down Megaupload for Piracy

Hollywood has had a rough week in its fight to pass new anti-piracy legislation.

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Chamber of Commerce Sends Internal Email Reassessing SOPA, Protect IP

WASHINGTON — The top intellectual property lawyer at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce appears to have sent out an email to underlings on Friday, notifying the world's most powerful corporate lobbyists that their organization is reassessing controversial anti-piracy legislation in the face of bipartisan congressional setbacks.

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SOPA and PIPA postponed indefinitely after protests

When the entire Internet gets angry, Congress takes notice. Both the House and the Senate on Friday backed away from a pair of controversial anti-piracy bills, tossing them into limbo and throwing doubt on their future viability.

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