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What was Larry Ellison thinking in Java Android lawsuit?

Column Oracle won't win this case against Google

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New Software Exposes iOS, Android App Performance Problems

Inputs and outputs from iOS and Android apps are monitored and analyzed in real time by Aternity tools.

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Apple drops 'thermonuclear' patent bombshell

What Steve Jobs threatened, Tim Cook delivers Apple has launched a new patent assault on its competitors, one that appears to unleash the nukes that Steve Jobs reportedly told his biographer Walter Isaacson he was going to drop on Google's Android.?

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Free Android App Scans for Aggressive Ad Networks

Lookout Security today launched a free program that scans Android devices for evidence of apps that use any of 35 different ad networks, and tells users what kinds of ads will be displayed and what user information those networks collect.

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Lookout Security rebuts rival's Android malware claims

Researchers from Lookout Security disagreed with rival Symantec that 13 apps on the Android Market were malicious, instead saying that they showed the same behaviors as other ad-supported apps.

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Oracle, Google Android Patent Infringement Trial Set for March

The ongoing legal battle between Oracle and Google has come one step closer to a head, with the presiding judge setting a date for the trial to begin in March and ruling on several motions that give both sides mini victories.

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New eFax Android App Offers Mobile Faxing for Business Professionals

Survey Data Reveals Increasing Importance of Mobile Fax for Small Business

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