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Google in cloud-support price war with Amazon, Microsoft

Intros revolutionary 'how much can you afford?' model Google has updated its cloud support packages, and in doing so has opened up another front in its cloud pricing war with Amazon and Microsoft.?

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EFF Helps Return Space Marine? Book to Amazon After Trademark Bullying? Takedown

The exile for Spots the Space Marine is over, with MCA Hogarth's digital book now reinstated on Amazon. But why was the book removed in the first place?

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Is this the best CV ever?

Web expert Philippe Dubost's Amazon-inspired CV has become an online sensation. Here are ideas on making your résumé stand out.

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Judge Knocks Some Wind Out of Apple's App Store Sails

A federal judge this week granted Amazon's request to throw out one claim in Apple's lawsuit against it — namely the allegation that Amazon engaged in false advertising by using the term "Appstore" for its slew of Android-based online offerings. Other claims Apple is alleging against Amazon, including one for trademark infringement, are going forward in the trial.

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Amazon’s Appstore Name Is Not False Advertising Says Judge in Ruling Against Apple

As Amazon planned to launch their own Appstore for Android, Apple decided that the name Appstore? was too similar to their own App Store and therefore a lawsuit was in order. Apple attempted to prevent Amazon from launching their

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Mobile device protection: Amazon granted patent for mini-airbag system

We first heard about Jeff Bezos's patent for mini-airbags on mobile devices last year. On Tuesday, it was approved by the US Patent and Trademark Office, but whether that means we'll one day be able to enjoy watching the company's e-readers and tablets bouncing majestically off the ground is, quite frankly, anyone's guess.

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US court rejects criticism of Amazon's actions over potential counterfeit sales

Amazon does not have to prevent retailers selling potentially trade mark-infringing goods via its marketplace unless trade mark owners provide sufficient evidence that the goods are counterfeit, a US court has ruled.

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