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Desire for fame scale can help advertisers

A Murdoch University researcher has developed a scale to measure a person's desire for fame which he hopes can be used by the marketing industry to tailor campaigns to a celebrity-obsessed audience.

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Metaresolver Unveils Data-Driven Mobile Ad Platform for Advertisers That Obsess About Performance

Industry Veterans Take on Mobile Advertising With Cleaner Data and Unique Targeting for Superior Results

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Remains of the Day: Twitter Ads Expand, Become More Targeted [For What It's Worth]

Forwhatitsworth Twitter gives advertisers more reach, the new iPad handles iPhone graphics better than previous models, and Google takes a stand against the MPAA's reading of the DMCA in a file hosting case. More »

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Symphony Advanced Media Appoints Market Research Veteran to Advisory Board

SAN FRANCISCO—-Symphony Advanced Media appoints market research veteran to advisory board. SAM provides cross-platform advertising effectiveness analytics and insights to leading global brand advertisers.

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I Can’t? Chorus Swells

Washington The Internet Corp. for Assigned Names and Numbers plans to open the window on new top-level Internet domain names on Jan. 12, despite pushback from top Democrats and Republicans, advertisers and media companies, cable operators, nonprofi ts and even some federal agencies.

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Ad basics: Marketing diamond simulants

Claims in recent ads by on-line sellers of diamond simulants raise concerns about accuracy, confusion and deception and illustrate when advertisers must be able to substantiate or refrain from making specific claims.

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App releases may help advertisers connect on a deeper levels

New data from Borrell Associates finds that by 2016 most local ads will be served through mobile devices ; just over 6% of local online ads were served via mobile this year. As more tablets and smartphones are sold, much of that spend will be through mobile ads, but apps are likely to remain important to the mobiles space. To that end, three new releases may help brands engage.

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