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Microsoft Sued By Company That Won Patent Lawsuit Against Google In 2012

New York-based Vringo has sued Microsoft over two patents that pertain to the ranking and placement of ads in search results. The patents were originally developed in the early 90s and owned for a long time by Lycos, which later sold them.

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Ask A Vc: Foundation Capital’s Anamitra Banerji Talks About Twitter Ads, Becoming A Vc And More

For this week's Ask A VC episode, we sat down with Foundation Capital's newest partner Anamitra Banerji , who was just promoted from entrepreneur in residence to investment partner at the firm. We chatted about Banerji's decision to become a VC vs. founding a startup, and how being an entrepreneur in residence helped him come to that decision.

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Verizon Filed Big Brother Patent, For Ads

Verizon has filed a patent for technology that would monitor television watchers to target advertising.

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General Mills aiming for nostalgia in targeting adults with Lucky Charms ads

General Mills has long targeted children with advertising for Lucky Charms, but the company is now focusing on adults.

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Sony Sues Bridgestone over Ad with Kevin Butler Actor

Use of the actor in other ads "creates confusion in the market and causes damage to Sony."

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Sony Wants To Let You Skip Commercials But Only If You'll Stand Up and Shout Brand Names At Your TV [Patents]

Patents As technology marches ever forwards, there are companies who will want to make sure advertising can keep up. That's why Sony filed a patent for next-gen ads that let you skip through them, but only if you yell a brand name at your TV. More »

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Romney’s Obama ads return to YouTube after DMCA spat

When is a political campaign ad too much for YouTube? When it's accused of infringing copyright – but Mitt Romney's anti-Obama ad is back on the service now after the service declares it fair use.

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