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Adobe Photoshop comes to Chromebooks

Users of Chromebooks, laptops running Google's net-centric ChromeOS, may finally be catching up with the more established platforms as they will now have access to Adobe's Photoshop.

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Adobe looking to bring Lightroom app to iPad and Android tablets

Adobe has plans for a new application for tablets that will effectively be its Lightroom for portable devices, offering the ability to process RAW images to professional photographers on the go.

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Star Wars Identities Rorschach Video Captures Attention From Adobe

OK, this was uploaded in November, so if you’ve already seen it, feel free to move along, but it doesn’t look like it got a whole lot of attention, which is surprising. I know we have a lot of Star

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Google offers Flash-to-HTML5 conversion tool

As HTML5 appears to be moving ahead of technologies such as Adobe’s Flash and Microsoft Silverlight with some developers, Google has moved in with Swiffy, a new Flash-to-HTML5 conversion tool. (4 hours ago)

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Flash Player 10.2 Readied for Android Tablets

Adobe plans to make the latest version of its Flash Player available in Android Market on March 18. (5 hours ago)

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Adobe gives Flash Player 10.3 security boost

V3 Release for Windows, Mac and Linux adds developer tools and privacy improvements (1 hour ago)

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Flash Player upgrade features HD video

Stage Video capability offered along with multi-screen support with version 10.2 of Adobe’s software. (1 hour ago)

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