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39;Naked Cowgirl' Sandy Kane planning to trademark her act

New York, July 27 : Bikini-clad Naked Cowgirl Sandy Kane is planning to trademark her act after repeated run-ins with her tighty-whitey-wearing rival, Naked Cowboy Robert Burck.

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The Shield Act Tries To Kill The Patent Trolls. But Does It Go Far Enough?

My colleagues over at The Register report the following: Shell companies that threaten legal action over patent infringement without actually producing anything themselves could be driven out of business if the newly proposed and risibly backronymed Saving High-tech Innovators from Egregious Legal Disputes Act becomes law.

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How the Internet killed the Stop Online Piracy Act

A gallery illustrating the movement to stop SOPA, one year after historic protests.

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Facebook comment case: Time to amend the IT Act?

Legal experts say such incidents occur due to a lack of understanding of such rules by law enforcement agencies.

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America Invents Act is a game changer, experts say

The USPTO Patent Reform Coordinator describes implementing the first patent law reform in 60 years.

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SOPA is NOT back but IPAA could still be a problem

Despite what you may have read, Rep. Lamar Smith's Intellectual Property Attache Act is not SOPA in disguise.

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Eric K. Clemons: Reconsidering the Stop Online Piracy Act

Eventually, Congress will have to consider SOPA. Here we suggest several questions that Congress will need to address and very short suggestions of what we expect they will conclude.

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